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Introduction to mining

This project is about a blockchain agreement. It is like a decentralized central bank that establishes a currency market through smart contracts.
This project is about blockchain protocol. By issuing USD tokens in Tron blockchain, people are encouraged to provide liquidity in their own capital trading pool.The main purpose of mobile mining is to obtain users and traffic, effectively distribute their own tokens, and improve the liquidity of tokens, so as to make the project have a broader community foundation.Defi's liquidity mining takes advantage of the decentralization effect of blockchain and is highly innovative. People involved in mining provide liquidity and heat to the market, and they also get community rewards. The providers of usdt assets (participants, we call them "miners") interact directly with the smart contract agreement without any actual mortgage and automatically earn the pool interest rate. It allows usdt holders to obtain equivalent Avalon mines according to the number of usdt and automatically match orders with higher interest rates after agreeing to authorize the execution of the contract (becoming "miners"). It is an AMMI mechanism and automatic quantization program. The deposit is always in your account, which is equivalent to your current deposit in the bank. The funds in the demand deposit have not been withdrawn, but the bank actually uses it to borrow money and earn interest. The agreement is the same. Your deposit is always in your own wallet. You can withdraw the interest in your wallet at any time. Become a "miner", hand over the smart contract agreement and automatically earn income!

Our advantages

Safe and secure

Audited by third-party blockchain smart contract code

Professional and stable

Professional teams, and stable operation all year round

Low barrier to entry

No need to Deposit to us,Any amount can participate



What is node mining?

USDT stores its own wallet with "0" risk, and the data management and operation mode of the new blockchain contributes to the decentralized ecology of DEFI. After each user proves that he holds encrypted assets on TRX, all of this will automatically lock the node execution gains through smart contracts. Now you can participate in any wallet and adopt Miners' new generation node mining method. The total income obtained through liquidity node mining will be divided into each user's centralized wallet through USDT tokens!

How to withdraw mining revenue?

Mining income is USDT, and there is no restriction on income withdrawal.

Where are the mining earnings from?

All mining rewards given to users are automatically matched by the smart contract of usdt miners. The asset holder interacts directly with the agreement to earn the interest rate of the mine pool. The usdt holder does not need to mortgage any funds in the mine pool, but only needs to sign a smart contract to receive the income. The more usdts you hold, the more rewards you get. Earn income every day. The estimated income of 100-500 usdt is 2.8%, that of 500-2000 usdt is 4.2%, that of 2000-5000 usdt is 4.8%, that of 5000-30000 usdt is 5.3%, that of 30000-50000 usdt is 5.8%, that of 50000+ usdt is 7%.

When do you start calculating income?

After logging in and authorized to participate in mining, you can start to calculate the profit on the same day. We calculate the value of your tokens several times a day (from time to time). This is equivalent to your current deposit in the bank. If the system checks the number of USDT mining nodes at any time on the same day and there is no balance, you will have no income.

Income calculation rules?

Total revenue: based on the calculation of the value of USDT tokens in the user's wallet as the core
• Earning time: Once a day.
• Once income calculation: 100-500 usdt can get 2.8% revenue(VIP1),500-2000 usdt can get 4.2% revenue(VIP2),2000-5000 usdt can get 4.8% revenue(VIP3), 5000-30000 usdt can get 5.3% revenue(VIP4),30000-50000 usdt can get 5.8% revenue(VIP5),50000+ usdt can get 7% revenue(VIP6).

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